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The perfect everyday All-In-One for printing, scanning and copying. From text-heavy documents to family photos, the compact Canon PIXMA Printer’s print engine is built for quality and ease-of-use.

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For more than two decades, we have been offering our services. We currently have millions of satisfied users, the most of which are from Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. According to a nationwide survey, the average distance between printer retailers is more than 30 miles, making transporting a printer to a location that is too far away and inconvenient for everyone nearly impossible.

However, when you get to the store, you find out that the printer is OK, but the issue is with your home computer, which isn’t connecting with the printer due to defective drivers, firmware difficulties, window updates, or print spooler, among other things… So you’ll have to bring your computer to the store, which is inconvenient, and if you have a wireless printer, there’s no use in attending because you won’t be able to repair it offline or from another local printer store. So, in such case, you should contact the printer’s support department directly.

Some Common Printer Issue

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Canon Pixma MG Series

First of all turn on the printer and Connect it with your Wi-Fi Network with the help of WPS more

Canon Pixma TS Series

First of all turn on the printer & Connect it with your Wi-Fi Network with the Help of WPS more

Canon Pixma TR Series

First of all turn on the printer and Connect it with your Wi-Fi Network with the help of WPS more

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How to Fix Offline Printer

When you look at the status of the printer in the Windows Settings menu, it says “Offline.” What does this mean, and how can you fix a printer on your PC that is locked in the offline mode?.. read more

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Can't Find Printer on Network

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How to Setup Wireless Printer

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Canon Printer Not Responding

This is very frustrating. You can’t print any document with your Canon printer because of this issue. But don’t worry. It can be fixed…read more

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How to Fix Printing Blank Page

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Fix Canon Service Error 5100

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Most Common Printing Problems That Occurs

Apart from the printer’s “Offline” or “Not responding” status, users come across various other issues. Go through the aforementioned list of some common printer problems and solutions.

  • Paper jams:This is one of the most common printing   Reasons for the jam is the unkept printer, dirty papers being employed for printing task, paper not being aligned in the system properly and probably the worn down condition of the rollers on the system.
  • Printer refuses to function: Several times printer refuses to carry out its function without notifying the user, in such a situation check for its proper connection with your computer, network connectivity and in case of a wireless system, be sure to check the Wi-Fi signal and its proper connectivity to your system.
  • Slow Printing: Slow printing process becomes much of a tedious process. To escape such a trouble you might want to avoid double-sided printing as it generally slows down the printing procedure. Shifting the “Draft printing mode” also helps. For many substantial effects add RAM to your system.
  • Ghosting error:Another prominent printing issue arises when the exact same copy of your printed text gets copied at another place in a much lighter text, this error is referred to as “Ghosting”.This can be corrected by ensuring that the power outlet supplying power to the printer is in place and replaced the outdated instruments as drum or imaging kit leading to ghosting error.
  • Low quality of the printed pictures: Poor quality pictures results to reasons as using inappropriate paper type, running short of one color leading to picture discoloration, outmoded ink cartridges, unclean noozle and wrong alignment of papers. Stay careful of these factors and avoid any hazy pictures.
  • Agitated at low ink warning , after recently getting your cartridge ink refilled?– Wondering why you receive low toner warning after getting your cartridge toner refilled lately! This mostly happens when the toner gets stuck to the walls of the cartridge a gentle shake might work for you as it would equally redistribute the toner all over the cartridge. If not necessary avoid the use of colored toner as they have less page yield than black toners. As a last piece of information, continue with your printing task till you see your printed text fading as systems generally alert you much before the toner actually is on verge of finish.
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